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January 2022 Newletter

Jan 25, 2022 | latest, news alert

Happy New Year 2022. Greetings from the Bristol Southern District Registry of Deeds. I hope the holidays were both healthy and enjoyable. I want to bring you up to date on the current improvements here at the New Bedford Registry. As of July 2021, we have created a new website which is more user friendly for the legal community as well as the public. Also, the Registry website will now contain Fraud Protection Alert which users can sign up for at no cost.

 In addition, The Registry has now scanned and uploaded both the old Taunton and Bristol South Grantor/Grantee indices from 1686 through 1972 to the web site. All the Grantor/Grantee indices and documents can be printed remotely. All information from the year 1973 forward can be obtained in the Grantor and Grantee index. Recorded Land images from 1970 forward as well as the old Sundry Deeds are also available online.

The consolidation of the Grantor and Grantee indices from 2016 through 2020 for The Recorded Land Department have been printed and are now available at the New Bedford Registry. This will make a title search easier for individuals who prefer to view a hard copy.  Also, new within the Registered Land Department both Document and Plan images from the first document through the current date are now available. 

Further, The New Bedford Registry has created an online copy store which will be accessible within two weeks. This store will allow you to purchase copies directly and pay with a credit card. In addition, all in house fax account holders can place their copy request orders in the special instruction box within the store eliminating the need for emailing or calling the Registry. 

All computer stations have been replaced and upgraded including upgrades to wiring for faster internet, servers, domains and offsite host station connections.

Also, improvements have been made throughout the Registry building and its grounds.

As part of the Registry’s Community Outreach program, I have designated Fridays as “Dress Down Day” which comes with a small fee for each employee. In turn, all monies collected from “Dress Down Day” have been donated to The United Way in addition to a family with a young child fighting health issues during the holiday season.

As the Registry progresses into 2022, more enhancements will continue, which provide for more information being accessible online. Scanning of the old Taunton records is currently underway, scanning of the Registered Land Certificates including all condominium certificates, and virtual books will be available on the website for our unindexed images for Recorded Land dating back to 1954 and eventually further back.

In closing, I hope the current improvements made and those to come will make your use of the Registry and the Registry website more beneficial for your business practice and personal use. 


Best Regards,

Sherrilynn M. Mello, 

Register of Deeds Bristol County Southern District


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