Meet the Register

Dr. Frederick M. Kalisz, Jr. is the twelfth Register of Deeds for Bristol County – Southern District. He succeeds Atty. J. Mark Treadup who resigned/retired effective March 2, 2017.

Dr. Kalisz has served most recently as the Executive Director of the Parents Alliance for Catholic Education, responsible for the operation of a “grassroots” advocacy organization representing the nearly 200 Catholic schools in the State of Massachusetts. He earned his Doctorate in Law and Policy from Northeastern University. He received a Masters and Bachelors from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in Public Policy and Business Administration/Management respectively. He was invited by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to join with senior staff for a one year appointment to contribute significant expertise and experience to the University’s instructional, outreach and regional partnership programs. Specific contributions were in the areas of leadership development, sustainable economic development, environmental education, public policy and entrepreneurship.

On January 5, 1998 he was administered the oath of office for the position of Mayor of the City of New Bedford which he held for 8 years. The City of New Bedford operates under a “strong mayor” form of local government. As chief executive officer of the City, he was responsible for daily operation of a nearly $226,000,000.00 budget, managing approximately 4000 employees, 18 square miles of land, the nation’s largest dollar-value fishing port, and a population of approximately 100,000 residents. Dr. Kalisz served as chairman of the local school committee, the water board, and the region’s workforce investment board. During his term of office he was officially recognized by five Cabinet-level federal agencies and by the Massachusetts Governor’s office. He was appointed by the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to serve on a federal advisory task force studying the future needs and impact of Superfund environmental legislation.

Dr. Kalisz has presented to the Environmental Sector of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. The talk was to demonstrate the importance of understating the complexities and capacities of Brownfields development in municipal revitalization.  Brownfields are programs growing out of a 1992 Environmental Protection Agency initiative to address industrial and commercial real and/or perceived contamination linking to future economic development.  Kalisz has been credited with the initiation of a number of Brownfields programs in the city of New Bedford including the designation of “showcase community” – a national recognition presented by a federal interagency task force lead by the EPA and was later selected as one of only three Portfields Pilot Communities by NOAA/Commerce Department for advancement of environmental remediation and economic development potential as a deep-water port community.

Kalisz has addressed numerous audiences on the elements of Brownfields topics including a special presentation made at the White House to members of the presidential staff. Kalisz has maintained good working relations with local, state and federal government officials and has lifelong experiences with familiarity with the territory of the southern district of Bristol County.

Much of the success he enjoyed leading the City came from results attributed to the work done on Beacon Hill with governors, the legislature, and the various departments of state government. Kalisz currently serves as Assistant Recorder of the Massachusetts Land Court.

Through these varied and unique experiences, he works to serve his constituency with regard to the issues pertaining to the archival nature of the record keeping associated with real estate, project development and financial documents as well as the implications and processes associated with government.

Register of Deeds – New Bedford

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