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On this page you can order official documents directly from The Bristol County South Registry of Deeds. We can mail, email, or fax you a copy of any document you have looked up. Copies cost $1 per page, there is an additional $1 fee if you need us to fax or email it. If you want the document to be mailed, postage rates can be seen below.

How ordering works:
1. You will need to know the document book and page number which can be found using our search here https://i2k.uslandrecords.com/MA/BristolSouth/D/Default.aspx
a. If you need help using the record search please see the tutorial below.

b. If you need to search prior to the computer index, you can search in the scanned indices here https://newbedforddeeds.com/recording-information/old-indices/

2. Fill out the contact form below, make sure to include the correct book and page number
3. Please make sure you let our team know how you’d like to receive copies of your document: email, mail, or fax
4. After filling out the contact form below our Copy Center will email you an invoice
5. Once you have paid that invoice we will send out a copy of your document. Email and fax you will typically receive within 1 business day. Mail is subject to the mail carrier but we will send it out within 1 business day as well.

Order Form

How to look up your document:

2. Use the search at the top of the page by filling out the “Business/Last Name” box. You may need to refine your search if just the last name results in to many records.

3. Find the document you’re looking for

4. Click on the View Img. icon of the document you’re looking for

5. Once you have selected the document the information will show up on the right side of the web page
6. Find the Book/ Page number and write that down
7. Come back to this page and fill out the contact form with the book and page number of the document you are looking for.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us