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Filing & Fees
Notice: All checks must be made payable to The Registry of Deeds. – PLEASE NOTE: CHECKS EXCEEDING THE AMOUNT OF $20,000.00 MUST BY BANK CERTIFIED.
Fee Schedule :: Fees changed on December 31, 2019. CONTACT THE REGISTRY ABOUT NEW FEES IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION.
Document Total Fee
Deed 155.00
Mortgage 205.00
Foreclosure Deed, Affidavit, Etc. 155.00
Mortgage Discharge 105.00
Municipal Lien Certificate 80.00
Declaration of Homestead 35.00
Declaration of Trust 255.00
All Other Instruments (except UCC) 105.00
Additional Required Marginal References from the Same Discharge Instrument 105.00
UCC Documents 75.00
Certified Copies (per Page) 1.00
Recording Plans :
Per sheet 105.00
Each additional sheet or any part thereof 105.00
Decree (issuance of original certificate) 155.00
Deed (issuance of new certificate) 155.00
Two Deeds, one new certificate issued 310.00
One Deed from two or more certificates 155.00
Declaration of Trust 255.00
Order of Court (issuance of new certificate) 155.00
Mortgage 205.00
Mortgage Discharge 105.00
Foreclosure Deed, Affidavit, etc. 155.00
Order of Court (for issuance of new certificate) 155.00
Adverse Claim 105.00
Certificate of Change of Address 105.00
Municipal Lien Certificate 80.00
Notings on each Certificate 105.00
Declaration of Homestead 35.00
All Other Instruments 105.00
Plans (per sheet) 105.00
Sewer Assessments 105.00
+ 5.00 for each additional certificate
Lien, old age assistance No Fee
UCC Instruments (Chapter 106):
Chapter 26 Acts of 2001 – Effective July 1, 2001
Financing Statement 75.00
Continuation Statement 75.00
Amendment 75.00
Assignment of Financing Statement 75.00
Termination Statement 75.00
Corrections Statement 75.00
The UCC fees reflect a single debtor.
Federal Tax Liens and Releases
(Chapter 36):
Tax Lien 5.00
Release 5.00
Mass. Tax Liens (Sec. 16, Ch. 151A) No Fee
Mass. Child Support Liens
(Sec. (6)(b)(2), Ch. 119A) No Fee
Mass. Medical Liens (Sec.34, Ch.
No Fee


Postage Rates
Beginning on Feb.1, 2014, if you wish to have your original documents returned to you or in the case of registered land to have time-stamped copies mailed to you you must either provide your own postage prepaid envelope or pay to the Registry per document at the time of recording according to the following rates:
1 to 15 pages $1.00
16 to 30 pages $2.00
31 to 45 pages $3.00
over 45 and under 60 pages $4.00
larger documents on an individual basis
You may also continue to choose your own postage prepaid envelope large enough to accommodate your documents. Sherrilynn M. Mello, Register